muaythai #127/8

i tink tis's e 1st trainin wk in 07
cant really rmb much of dec trainin so it shld b inconstructive shit
theres a fight @ tanglin cc on 100207
theres a gal fight but im not e 1 fightin coz e wt cats not mine =(

went 2 run den trained
shadow, bag, pad, tech
nth interestin but more fustratin
i wont lie & say tt im ok w trainin w e fighters even tho im nt fightin coz i do mind but well i ve 2 admit tt my skills arent up 2 std; even if theres e wt cat i prob wont b sent coz who wld send sum1 out 2 lose?

xl's bdae & we went 2 breko 2 eat @ nite
order kingkong burg [2x beef + fries + coleslaw], tic-tac-toe [waffle fries], buffalo wings & 2 bottles; damn bloated
after tt she crapped on e hp 4 damn 45 mins !#$%&@

went 2 run b4 trainin
heavy rope skippin
bag, pad w e new gloves but sumhow my knuckles ve abrasions & it feels weird
spars gettin whacked
tired & sweat


bye 2006 hello 2007

down 2 bestway
more work
payment shld b comin in e next time i go down
internet marketin potential

stayed hm
thing was zzz & i did my wk

went 2 rays place
den down 2 orchard
back hm coz not feelin too good

down 2 5/10
had 3 jugs
bot joes present


incredible itch

red after trainin but no itch
tink im cleared

red again; abit itchy
went 2 ps 2 mit kokie; wore long sleeves & got nagged 4 duno wat fuck

woke 4 med den zzz back
showered den washed face w foam
drank orange juice den back 2 e gym
oni 2 realize tt e itch ve migrated 2 e chin area
omg its gettin worse
how can i go out & face ani1!!!
suppressin e itch by kippin cool

woke @ 0700+ by e itch alarm
ate med den down 2 lunch
stuck @ hm e whole dae doin wk

woke @ 1400+ itchin like a flea_ed cat
showered den down 2 e clinic
itch & rash spreaded thruout e body; back, arms, legs: EVERYWARE!!!
definite allergy; juz duno wat
got a jab, med & creams
zzz @ 1700+; got kbkb after tt but fuck it
woke @ 2300+ 2 eat med; itchs like an alarm cock

left ankle started 2 itch & swell after gettin hm
ate: cup noodles + hotdogs & biscuits


muaythai #126

bagwk, padwk, held pads 4 joy [hittin myself], spars gettin whacked
a guy frm e student class eons ago came back; 'bigger' than b4
rite big toenail broke in further

total ko these wks once i hit e sack
not hearin e hp alarm underneath e pillow next 2 me
prac didnt move; juz curled against e stuffs
no dreams juz oblivion

held pads 4 clement
sparred w clement
left instep hit; limpin
bruised & achin

held pads; eons since i last held & its 4 a boy w hard punches & kicks =\
got hit @ e knee & rite shin
bruisin increased 2x

got kicked left & rite
bruisin increased


muaythai #125

got whacked again!!! argh!!!
3x bag, 2x pad, 4x spar, pumps & crunches
got whacked lk nuts; head, legs, body =\
i whack i get whacked
i move i get whacked
i block i get whacked
i stand all e more get whacked

dun come & fuck me off juz bcoz i didnt transfer e $$$
shldnt u b happy tt im not usin much of urs???
its not tt i dun nid its tt i 1 2 try my limit

dun fuck me off juz coz u dun c me
dun fuck me off juz coz im back late
u dun noe how long i spend travellin on e rd up & down
u dun noe how much time ive 2 spend doin up my wk even if it means i dun zzz
u dun noe how fuckin tired im @ gettin more wk & $$$
u dun noe how much bullshit ive 2 bear
all u dos juz blar @ me
sayin nth but bullshit crap

damn u